You Are Not Broken

in Art of Listening, Cultivating Clarity


“The domain of heaven is within you.” ~ Jesus

For countless years I was told I was broken. Not by men and women with ill-intentions. No, not at all. Rather, I was told this message over and over through songwriters, poets, preachers, authors, pop culture and religion. It’s a message we’re all familiar with, a message, whether consciously or unconsciously we’ve accepted to be true. It’s a message telling us ‘something’ is wrong; and typically, that ‘something’ is you, it’s me. Something about us is broken, defective, fucked-up, and, to that end, we need to be fixed, repaired, saved.

But what if this is not the case?

What if you’re completely enough just as you are right now?

How might this altered reality influence that next decision you need to make?

Today’s writing comes from the book entitled, a life of being, having, and doing enough by Wayne Muller.

“…Many of us carry old, familiar voices of judgement and dismissal, voices that remind us of our inadequacies, shortcomings, and failures. Regardless our work, our contributions, our gifts, we always feel like we could have, should have, done better. Since there is always room for improvement, these judging voices never run out of good material to use as a weapon against our feeling good, whole, or complete, just as we are. If we remain convinced that we are essentially defective or incomplete, we are reluctant to trust our own sense of whether what we feel is accurate, whether our inner compass is sound, whether we can ever really be sure of how things are, in ourselves or the world.

But to make any good decisions, we have to understand what we are choosing. We need good information that we can trust will be true. If we feel damaged or defective, how can we possibly trust what we feel or believe, what our heart tells us is true, or what our intuitive wisdom senses is the right choice? If we cannot trust our own tools or instruments, how can we build with confidence anything that will feel sturdy and whole? We learn to guide the course of our lives by making choices that feel good, right, and true for us. Such choices, made well, naturally evoke a deep sense of sufficiency and well-being. Our work, then, is first to become clear and loving mirrors for one another, reflecting back to each other our own essential wisdom, our inherent clarity of insight, and our reliable inner wholeness.

Second, regardless whether we believe we have all the necessary data, arguments, or justifications for our choices, there is a point at which we must simply choose. We may not always be able to explain, prove, or defend it, we can only claim our own intrinsic value and wisdom, trust who we are and what we know, follow the thread and make our choice, listening for the next right thing. And know that in this moment, this is enough.”

Today’s Unitas Project:

  • What if you could, right now, gather all your feelings and thoughts that repeatedly inform you that you’re a failure, and drop them into the deepest canyon to never be seen or heard or felt again?
  • Imagine. Imagine walking over to the edge of this vast canyon and letting go of the heavy weight you’ve been carrying for far too long. Imagine watching this heavy weight, this large bag of disempowering beliefs, thoughts, and feelings fall deeper and deeper into the depths of the canyon. Going, going, gone…
  • And as you do this, what do you notice is different now?
  • I invite you to go into this day knowing that this freedom, this peace, this joy is yours.

Until next time…
Be You. Be Unitas.