I’d Do It If I Had To Walk

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Central Park


It was my intention to write a different post for this morning. However, when I heard the song, Riding To New York by Michael Rosenberg, aka Passenger, I knew I had to change course.

Life can be like, can’t it? We think we know where we are heading and then something else comes along; something that is gently calling us to consider a different possibility.

As we walk this road of exploring what it means to craft a legacy filled with adventure, beauty, love and purpose, we need to turn and face this one essential question: What is important now?

Like Jason in our last blog post, crafting a compelling future begins with knowing what is important now. This is the cornerstone for knowing what it is you truly value and where you should be focusing your energy.

In the song, Riding To New York, the lyric, “I’d do it if I had to walk” is the heartfelt statement of a person who has finally discovered what truly matters. And this discovery cultivates clarity of purpose and action in their life.

As I write these words, it’s Good Friday, and there will be people all over the world remembering a man who was so committed to his mission of reconciliation, that even if he had to walk through the city streets bearing a heavy wooden cross over his shoulders, he would do it if he had to.

As you allow your mind to reflect upon your life’s journey – what is your, “I’d do it if I had to walk” (what is important now) calling you to be and do today?

Today’s Unitas Project:

  • I invite you today to slowly read through the lyrics of Riding To New York by Michael Rosenberg.
  • Feel free to also listen to this beautiful acoustic recording of the song: https://youtu.be/saujWix7FtU  And as you listen, what do you notice stirring up within you?

Riding To New York

Well, I met him in Minnesota
He was dark and overcast
With long, grey hair and eyes that stared
Through me like I was glass
I asked “Where are you going to?”
He said, “I’m the wind I’m just blowing through.”
He lit up a cigarette and began to talk

“See the doctors told me that my body won’t hold me
My lungs are turning black
Been a lucky strike’s fool since I was at school
And there ain’t no turning back
They can’t tell me how long I’ve got
Maybe months but maybe not
I’m taking this bike and riding to New York

‘Cause I wanna see my grand-daughter one last time
Wanna hold her close and feel her tiny heartbeat next to mine
Wanna see my son and the man he’s become
Tell him I’m sorry for the things I’ve done
And I’d do it if I had to walk
I’m taking this bike and riding to New York

Through the forests of Wisconsin that I knew as a boy
Past the sky line of Chicago
Round the lakes of Illinois
I lay my head in a motel bed where my back is sore and my eyes turn red
Listen to the trucks roll past my door
Through the fields of Ohio as the sunshine paints them gold
I run just like a river runs, rapid, quick and cold
And fly through Pennsylvania and the Jersey turnpike tolls
And I won’t stop ’till I get to New York

‘Cause I wanna see my grand-son one last time
Wanna see his eyes sparkling and stare back into mine
Now my time is shorter
I wanna see my daughter
Tell her all the things that I should have taught her
And I’d do it if I had to walk
Oh, I’m taking this bike I’m riding to New York

And I’d go up to the churchyard one last time
Lay flowers down for the woman who gave me the best years of my life
And I’d do it if I had to walk
I’d do it if I had to walk
I’m taking this bike and riding to New York”

Until next time…

Be You. Be Unitas.


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