Four Spiritual Questions To Nurture Breakthrough Results

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I wish I had profound words to say at this moment, but I feel that I don’t. The last few weeks have felt like a whirlwind. Sometimes I feel like I am in a fog, and sometimes I feel completely exhausted. I feel stretched too thin, like peanut butter spread over toast as I arrange kids’ schedules, take them to their events, go to work, prepare suppers, deal with tenants, write blog posts, pay bills and do whatever else might need to be done on any given day.

Can you relate?

This feeling of being fatigued and overwhelmed often leads me to take time to enjoy the silence of late night walks underneath a magnificent blanket of stars. During these moments of sublime stillness, I often wonder about life and what truly matters.

Speaking of what truly matters, the other day at work someone called in to tell me they wanted to make changes in their life. (These are always great conversations.) In a nutshell, this person, let’s call him Joe, wanted to change the outcomes in his life. Joe was concerned about his physical health due to a poor diet and very little exercise, and as a result, his body felt sluggish. Joe also expressed feeling somewhat discouraged about certain family relationships that were weighing heavy on his heart.

Why am I sharing this with you and what does this have to do with you, me and the challenges we may be presently facing? The simple answer is: Everything.

If you are feeling stuck in a pattern of addictive behaviours that you can’t seem to overcome, or at the end of the day are left with the bitter taste of dissatisfaction in your mouth with regards to your job, your marriage, your health, your finances or your future: this post is for you.

The secret to experiencing a fulfilling and meaningful life is to learn how to craft a compelling future, and then, with grace and courage, carry it through. Like any business that is truly thriving, your physical health, your key relationships, your career, your spiritual and psychological well being are all connected to the vision you craft for your life.

To this end, we are going on a journey. Unitas Project is committed to crafting a space that will inspire and equip you to discover your authentic Self and live your purpose with clarity, courage and dignity.

Over the next few months, we are going to take a closer look at four spiritual questions that are directly linked to you and me creating breakthrough results in our lives.

Four Spiritual Questions to Nurture Breakthrough Results:

  1. What do I truly want?
  2. What would this give me?
  3. How might I best support myself?
  4. How will I know I have attained it?

“I just want to see my kids grow up.” These were the exact words Joe said to me on the day he was compelled to pick up the phone and begin his journey of crafting a new story for himself and his family.

Today’s Unitas Project:

  • Gratitude is the key to living life and living it well. Often when we are looking at all the things that might be wrong in our life we miss all the everyday gifts that are happening around us. I can’t emphasis this enough, but living the life you want begins with being fully present in the life you have.
  • To that end, write down 5-10 things you are grateful for with regards to your job/career, your health, your finances, your marriage, your family, your friends and the world you live in. This is the time to be specific and to open your eyes to the things that you may have simply overlooked for far too long. Repeat this exercise for 7 days.

Until next time…

Be You. Be Unitas.


Photo taken by Alina Joy Photography