Focus On The Things That Really Matter

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“As an artist, one might say that I have achieved peak performance. I have worked for some of the top companies in my industry. I have experienced professional successes as a professor, an artist and a singer/songwriter. Many consider me to be an expert in my fields of endeavour and I have been asked to teach and mentor colleagues and peers.

Why then would I need a coach?

The answer is simple…and two-fold.

First, when I observe those who are at the top of their game as professional athletes, I notice that they are always accompanied and engaged by coaches. Why then, should it be different for me…or any of us for that matter?

Second, I felt that I had “hit the ceiling”, as it were. I needed to get some fresh input. I needed perspective. Meeting with Carl on a regular basis has helped me to gain in these key areas. With well-timed questions and insights, Carl has helped me to focus in the right areas and to develop thoughts and ideas into tangible actions.

My experience has been that coaching sessions are both relaxing and productive. I look forward to them every time and I always feel more energized and focussed when the session is done. I am completely comfortable in my coaching sessions, and I trust that Carl has my very best interests at heart.

Carl does not needle me to get his results, he does not have a personal agenda and he does not prod into my personal life (unless I offer the insights). He does not try to counsel me. Instead, he guides me with relevant thoughts, helpful tools, strengthening exercises and pertinent questions. As a result, I have been able to focus on the things that really matter to me.”

~ Terry Posthumus, 3D Animation Program Director at Humber College, singer- songwriter.