how did I end up here

How Did I End Up Here

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The quest for purpose, meaning and fulfillment are key elements that unite all human beings. When we feel lost, alone, broken; when we feel entangled in the web of our own life choices; when the talons of fear and angst are crushing the life force from us, we cry out: “How did I end up here?”

And today, as we raise our voice in harmony, it may feel like heaven remains silent; it may appear like no one is listening.

Light of the World

3 Limitations That Keep You Feeling Stuck

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I grew up in a tradition that readily declares “Jesus is the light of the world” while completely forgetting that he also said: “You and I are the light of the world!”

Could it be that we have missed the whole point of his message?

Like the massive crowd gathered to hear Jesus speak some 2000 years ago, we too often miss the weight, breadth, height and liberty found in his words. And to that end, we, like all those before us, go seeking after Messiahs, Saviors, Liberators and Lovers who will deliver us from our present state of anxiety, apathy and angst.

Art of Listening

You, A Violin, And The Art of Listening

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“Aidan, let the violin ring!”

These were the precise words my son’s teacher spoke to him as his finger searched for the A note on his E string. Laurie’s statement was an invitation for Aidan to listen to, and allow the natural beauty and lush overtones of the violin to ring forth and resonate within his body and soul. Well, that may be a bit of a stretch, but note this: when a violinist plays in tune with her instrument, the violin naturally resonates with brilliance, clarity and beauty. In other words, its voice is awakened.

Being Better

Is Being Human The Problem

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Is being a human being our problem?

I’m pondering this thought because I often see us trying so hard to improve ourselves; to better ourselves in one way or another. It would appear that we’re uncomfortable in our own skin. We seem to have a hard time sitting still and deeply appreciating who we are.

Just for the fun of it, I did a Google search this morning on self-improvement, and you know what, millions of other people did too. There are over 200 000 000 results when you search Google for what people want to improve about themselves.

That’s crazy!

Let's Be Frank

Running On Empty

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“I’ve got to relieve the unbearable pressure,” he keeps thinking. He is desperate to kill the gnawing emptiness that now comes with each new success. No matter how much he achieves, it’s never enough. There’s so much more to reach for and there’s never enough time to do it all. The tension headaches are becoming more intense. Each day, the treadmill seems to be going a little bit faster. People are no longer human. Customers have become revenue streams – their importance measured in terms of their sales potential. Company employees are just another set of resources to be driven to maximum production.

Axiom #1

What If You Are Okay

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A few months have passed since I wrote my last post, “What If There Is No Blueprint for Your Life.” At the very end of that blog post I promised that we would uncover 5 key principles, or axioms by American psychiatrist Dr. Milton Erickson that could revolutionize our lives.

Front Garden

What We Could Learn From A Garden

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Gardens remind us that life is short and that the good things, the beautiful things, the things of importance, take time. Gardens teach us that patience and perseverance are required values if we expect to discover our unique brilliance.

Audi R8

Where The Mystery Of Contentment Dwells

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What is it that I desire?

If my deepest desire is for completeness – to be whole; how does this deepest desire align with anything else that I might want knowing that all desires will be connected to my thirst for wholeness?

If I want an Audi R8 Coupe – what would this car give me? And if I was fully and completely experiencing what this new car would give me, what else might I want that is even more important for me to experience now?

salt of the earth

What If You Are Already Enough

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To be whole does not mean you don’t have bruises and scars, secrets and shadows. Rather, wholeness grows from the fertile soil of fully loving and accepting yourself for who you are today. It means that you are okay with who you are because you know that you are worthy – that you are enough.

Perhaps you have believed for many years that you are defective in some way or another. If you are a woman, maybe you see yourself as not being thin enough, pretty enough or being a good enough mother, wife or lover. If you are a man, perhaps you see yourself as being a failure in business or in your career or not being good enough as a husband or father.


Stop And Take A Moment To Rest

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Who are we kidding? Life can be very busy. Between juggling responsibilities of work and family and finding time for your personal interests and desires, life can often leave you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and alone.

If you and I are going to be people that cultivate clarity of action in our lives so that we know what is important in our lives today, we must begin by tilling the fertile soil of purpose and being.