Surfing Porn

What Does Surfing Porn Give You

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“What do you mean by, ‘what does surfing porn give me?’” Thomas spoke with a degree of agitation in his voice as he suddenly stopped running. “All I can say is it makes me feel ashamed about myself. I feel guilty, Joe. I feel like I’m cheating on Samantha and that I’m some kind of sexual pervert for wanting to view this stuff while I should be working.”

2 Key Questions

Two Mindful Questions That Will Change Your World

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This past week I watched as my nine year old daughter faithfully practiced her figure skating solo performance. Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. Day after day, she persistently practiced her spirals, spins and jumps.

And everyday as I watched her practice I would see her begin her sessions with great enthusiasm, and then, over the course of 45-60 minutes, I would witness her enthusiasm vanish like air being let out of a balloon.

She would start strong, but often leave the ice looking, and feeling, deflated.

Why? What was causing this pattern of behavior to take place day after day?

Axiom 2

This One Secret Could Transform Your Life

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Have you ever read something someone wrote and the words just resonated deep within you? Have you ever watched a movie where a particular character or scene caused strong emotions to well up inside you? Have you ever listened to a song that struck a deep chord in your soul?

These experiences happen to you because these various mediums act as mirrors as they reflect what is already deep within you; emotions, experiences, insights, talents often hidden behind the protective wall of fear, shame and guilt.

Axiom #1

What If You Are Okay

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A few months have passed since I wrote my last post, “What If There Is No Blueprint for Your Life.” At the very end of that blog post I promised that we would uncover 5 key principles, or axioms by American psychiatrist Dr. Milton Erickson that could revolutionize our lives.

Boat in a Storm

Flat Tires, Storms, And The Art Of Letting Go

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This afternoon I set 45 minutes aside to go for a bike ride and, you need to know, I love cycling. I love the smell of the fresh country air. I love the sound of the tires rolling on the pavement. I love the feel of the gentle breeze on my face and the way cycling clears my mind and invigorates my body. Ever since I can remember, I have loved cycling.

Finding your path

How Do We Find Our Path

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It’s Saturday morning of the May long weekend and the Starbucks in Brockville, Ontario is bursting with people, voices, laughter and energy. We’re visiting a good friend for a couple days and I just needed to get out early this morning to think and write.

If you’ve been following the blog here at Unitas Project you would have noticed that I have not posted anything for a couple weeks. Over the last 5 weeks, life has changed for me. For several different reasons I have gone back to landscaping full time – this has impacted my ability to write.

However, these choices and the outcomes they produce in my life leave me with many questions around life and how it works. Maybe that sounds like a pretty profound thought, or perhaps just a little simple.


Playfulness And Personal Transformation

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Sometimes life can seem like a little too much, can’t it? Maybe it’s a big unexpected bill that comes your way or a loved one who suddenly becomes very ill. Perhaps it’s getting the news that you’ll be laid-off from work or discovering that your child is using drugs or waking up and feeling the dread of another day.

I was grappling with this thought this morning after dropping my wife off at work because our other vehicle decided to quit the night before. While driving home and entertaining the thought of “life feeling like it’s too much” I witnessed a dad skipping with his daughter while waiting for the bus to come.

Central Park

I’d Do It If I Had To Walk

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It was my intention to write a different post for this morning. However, when I heard the song, Riding To New York by Michael Rosenberg, aka Passenger, I knew I had to change course.

Life can be like, can’t it? We think we know where we are heading and then something else comes along; something that is gently calling us to consider a different possibility.

The Art of Crafting

How Jason Saved His Family

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In the novel, A Million Miles In A Thousand Years, New York Times bestselling author, Donald Miller tells an inspiring story of how his friend Jason saved his family.

It goes something like this:

Jason’s marriage had lost its spark and recently, he and his wife had found pot in their thirteen-year-old daughter’s bedroom. (Not a good scene.) To add salt to the wound, their daughter, Rachel, was also dating an older guy. Jason did not care for this guy and thought he was the catalyst in her decision to smoke pot.