To-do list

Moving Beyond Your To-Do List

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Have you ever said, or maybe heard someone say, “I need to carve out time for…

my family, the kids, my spouse, exercising, journaling, meditating, cooking, creating, relaxing.”?

Whatever the reason, the phrase “carving out time” was used with the intention of squeezing or manipulating one more good thing into your daily schedule. Unwittingly, our lives can quickly be driven by our list of things-to-do; the tyranny of the urgent. And if we’re not careful, we can quickly fall into the belief that our life is all about efficiency and productivity.


You Are Not Broken

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“…To make any good decisions, we have to understand what we are choosing. We need good information that we can trust will be true. If we feel damaged or defective, how can we possibly trust what we feel or believe, what our heart tells us is true, or what our intuitive wisdom senses is the right choice? If we cannot trust our own tools or instruments, how can we build with confidence anything that will feel sturdy and whole?” ~ Wayne Muller

Unlearning Back to God

Unlearning Your Way Back To God

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It’s been almost a year since I last sat down to write a blog post. I confess it’s the need to provide and the fear of the unknown that keeps me from pursuing this love, this passion. And it’s not right. Because the truth is, I love the way words form on paper, or, in this case, on the screen. I love how thoughts and ideas emerge, and, to be honest, it feels like I become a channel of thought, consciousness and discovery.

Writing creates a sense of wonder and gratitude within me.

So today, and maybe for the next while, I’ve decided to share a few thoughts from other writers, other thought leaders with you. Why? Because these men and women have played a key role in shaping how I see life, myself, God, work, and relationship.

how did I end up here

How Did I End Up Here

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The quest for purpose, meaning and fulfillment are key elements that unite all human beings. When we feel lost, alone, broken; when we feel entangled in the web of our own life choices; when the talons of fear and angst are crushing the life force from us, we cry out: “How did I end up here?”

And today, as we raise our voice in harmony, it may feel like heaven remains silent; it may appear like no one is listening.

What do you want

What Would You Do

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Have you ever been somewhere, or with someone, and silently asked yourself, “What am I doing here?”

It was another Monday morning meeting when Steve had this very thought resonate within his mind like a repeating chorus in a pop song. “What am I doing here?” Steve thought to himself over and over as Janice, the Vice President of Sales, was discussing quarterly revenues about a tech product he wasn’t that crazy about.

Steve had been with the same Fortune 100 technology company since he graduated with his Masters in Business six years ago. And even though he was now a team manger with his own corner office, he didn’t feel like he belonged. He felt like something was missing.

Dealing with loss

Dealing With Your Loss In Sustainable Ways

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How do you work through your feelings of experiencing a loss?

I’m raising this question with you because very recently I experienced a loss – a deep loss. This past week I departed with something very dear to me, my double bass.

I bought my bass from the late Peter Chandler in 1996 while working on my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at York University in Toronto. Every week for three years my bass and I would drive to school together for private lessons, rehearsals, and performances. Every day I would practice 3-4 hours with my bass; together we helped each other discover our voice.


What Makes For A Rich Life

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Sometimes words elude us. And then sometimes we read a poem, hear a song, or watch a movie that sheds light on how we’re feeling. This past week, I had one of those moments.

It was the Family Day weekend here in Ontario. As a family we shared moments of laughter, playing games, making meals, enjoying food, watching hockey, and relaxing. It was a good weekend! And then, out of nowhere, I felt a quietness and sadness creep into my soul. I was speechless; I had no words for what I was feeling or thinking in this moment.

Lively Play

Is Fun The New Benchmark For Success

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“Did you have fun?” my son, Aidan, was asked by his head coach after his first Atom AAA hockey tournament came to an end in Detroit, Michigan.

I have to admit, when I heard this question I was somewhat taken back. During Aidan’s very young years in house league hockey there was a strong emphasis on the kids having fun. But now he was in AAA hockey. Should “having fun” continue to be the benchmark of whether something was good and worthy of our time and energy?

I wonder…

Feeling Upset

When Someone Gets Under-Your-Skin

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Okay, this is confession time. Have you ever been with someone, played a game, or gone to an event that just seemed to bring out the ‘worst’ in you? I know I have.

And to be very honest, I’m writing these words the morning after one of those nights. Last night I “lost it” on a ref after he called a goal on a shot that never crossed the goal line. And to make matters worse, it happened to be the winning goal in a 2-1 loss, in a game our team needed to win. To say the least, I was feeling very frustrated and upset.

Light of the World

3 Limitations That Keep You Feeling Stuck

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I grew up in a tradition that readily declares “Jesus is the light of the world” while completely forgetting that he also said: “You and I are the light of the world!”

Could it be that we have missed the whole point of his message?

Like the massive crowd gathered to hear Jesus speak some 2000 years ago, we too often miss the weight, breadth, height and liberty found in his words. And to that end, we, like all those before us, go seeking after Messiahs, Saviors, Liberators and Lovers who will deliver us from our present state of anxiety, apathy and angst.