Blown Away By The Results

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Isobelle Gunn


“Carl led us through an incredible weekend of visioning that transformed the direction of our musical journey as Isobelle Gunn.  He provided us with stimulating questions, exercises and readings that helped us discover where we were meant to “go” as a group.  What we found so helpful about Carl’s coaching was his ability to bring out of each of us, a stronger understanding of who we are as people.  We will carry this understanding for the rest of our lives, thanks to Carl. We were completely blown away by the results of spending this time under Carl’s leadership and how he tilled the soil for our growth into a direction that we didn’t even know was there.  His presence was comfortable, peaceful and enabling.  Carl really has a gift as a life coach and we look forward to working with him again.”

~Jeremy Zeyl, singer-songwriter for Isobelle Gunn