stop burning the candles

Do You Feel Like You’re Burning Out

in Cultivating Clarity

“Dieter Rams was the lead designer at Braun for many years. He is driven by the idea that almost everything is noise. He believes very few things are essential. His job is to filter through that noise until he gets to the essence. For example, as a young twenty-four-year-old at the company he was asked to collaborate on a record player. The norm at the time was to cover the turntable in a solid wooden lid or even to incorporate the player into a piece of living room furniture.” ~ Greg McKeown

To-do list

Moving Beyond Your To-Do List

in Art of Listening, Cultivating Clarity

Have you ever said, or maybe heard someone say, “I need to carve out time for…

my family, the kids, my spouse, exercising, journaling, meditating, cooking, creating, relaxing.”?

Whatever the reason, the phrase “carving out time” was used with the intention of squeezing or manipulating one more good thing into your daily schedule. Unwittingly, our lives can quickly be driven by our list of things-to-do; the tyranny of the urgent. And if we’re not careful, we can quickly fall into the belief that our life is all about efficiency and productivity.