You Are Not Broken

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“…To make any good decisions, we have to understand what we are choosing. We need good information that we can trust will be true. If we feel damaged or defective, how can we possibly trust what we feel or believe, what our heart tells us is true, or what our intuitive wisdom senses is the right choice? If we cannot trust our own tools or instruments, how can we build with confidence anything that will feel sturdy and whole?” ~ Wayne Muller

Unlearning Back to God

Unlearning Your Way Back To God

in Art of Listening, Cultivating Clarity

It’s been almost a year since I last sat down to write a blog post. I confess it’s the need to provide and the fear of the unknown that keeps me from pursuing this love, this passion. And it’s not right. Because the truth is, I love the way words form on paper, or, in this case, on the screen. I love how thoughts and ideas emerge, and, to be honest, it feels like I become a channel of thought, consciousness and discovery.

Writing creates a sense of wonder and gratitude within me.

So today, and maybe for the next while, I’ve decided to share a few thoughts from other writers, other thought leaders with you. Why? Because these men and women have played a key role in shaping how I see life, myself, God, work, and relationship.