What Makes For A Rich Life

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Sometimes words elude us. And then sometimes we read a poem, hear a song, or watch a movie that sheds light on how we’re feeling. This past week, I had one of those moments.

It was the Family Day weekend here in Ontario. As a family we shared moments of laughter, playing games, making meals, enjoying food, watching hockey, and relaxing. It was a good weekend! And then, out of nowhere, I felt a quietness and sadness creep into my soul. I was speechless; I had no words for what I was feeling or thinking in this moment.

Jazz Trio

Do Our Choices Determine Who We Are

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Have you ever wondered why some people seem to catch all the breaks? Or why that one couple seems to have such a great marriage while yours feels lukewarm at best? Have you ever questioned if God really exists, and, if so, why the world is so screwed up? Have you every wondered why some people land great jobs, or create amazing companies, and others live pay cheque to pay cheque hoping they can pay this month’s rent?

Is the life we experience simply a grand total of all the choices we’ve made to this point? Do some people thrive because they set compelling goals for themselves and then followed them up with passion, determination and perseverance?

Lively Play

Is Fun The New Benchmark For Success

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“Did you have fun?” my son, Aidan, was asked by his head coach after his first Atom AAA hockey tournament came to an end in Detroit, Michigan.

I have to admit, when I heard this question I was somewhat taken back. During Aidan’s very young years in house league hockey there was a strong emphasis on the kids having fun. But now he was in AAA hockey. Should “having fun” continue to be the benchmark of whether something was good and worthy of our time and energy?

I wonder…

Feeling Upset

When Someone Gets Under-Your-Skin

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Okay, this is confession time. Have you ever been with someone, played a game, or gone to an event that just seemed to bring out the ‘worst’ in you? I know I have.

And to be very honest, I’m writing these words the morning after one of those nights. Last night I “lost it” on a ref after he called a goal on a shot that never crossed the goal line. And to make matters worse, it happened to be the winning goal in a 2-1 loss, in a game our team needed to win. To say the least, I was feeling very frustrated and upset.

Light of the World

3 Limitations That Keep You Feeling Stuck

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I grew up in a tradition that readily declares “Jesus is the light of the world” while completely forgetting that he also said: “You and I are the light of the world!”

Could it be that we have missed the whole point of his message?

Like the massive crowd gathered to hear Jesus speak some 2000 years ago, we too often miss the weight, breadth, height and liberty found in his words. And to that end, we, like all those before us, go seeking after Messiahs, Saviors, Liberators and Lovers who will deliver us from our present state of anxiety, apathy and angst.