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The 3 Answers To What Is Most Important

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What do we truly want? In other words, what is our purpose for being here? What motivates you and me to get out of bed every morning?

I know that asking “what do you truly want” is indeed a loaded question. But the truth is, when we lose sight of our “why,” life quickly turns into a struggle; despair takes root, and the pangs of emptiness grip us like a noose around our neck.


The Prerequisite For Your Purpose-Filled Life

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If you’re honest with yourself, these first two stages of listening are what you experience most often in your life. This is the world you grew up in at school, church and home; and now today, you experience it at work and with your family. These two stages of listening have been well rehearsed, and to that end, you’re left with the gnawing pangs of emptiness and atrophy in your gut.

Art of Listening

You, A Violin, And The Art of Listening

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“Aidan, let the violin ring!”

These were the precise words my son’s teacher spoke to him as his finger searched for the A note on his E string. Laurie’s statement was an invitation for Aidan to listen to, and allow the natural beauty and lush overtones of the violin to ring forth and resonate within his body and soul. Well, that may be a bit of a stretch, but note this: when a violinist plays in tune with her instrument, the violin naturally resonates with brilliance, clarity and beauty. In other words, its voice is awakened.