What If There Is No Blueprint For Your Life

in Cultivating Clarity

We live in a noisy world with many bellowing voices seeking to give us advice on how we should live our lives. Truth is, some of these voices come from well intended people like our parents, teachers, pastors, spiritual guides, friends, and authors. While other voices we hear are found in magazines, movies, music, blogs and on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And finally, there are the voices we hear over and over in our head – the voices that can be ruthless, critical, and demanding.

Boat in a Storm

Flat Tires, Storms, And The Art Of Letting Go

in Crafting a Legacy, Cultivating Clarity

This afternoon I set 45 minutes aside to go for a bike ride and, you need to know, I love cycling. I love the smell of the fresh country air. I love the sound of the tires rolling on the pavement. I love the feel of the gentle breeze on my face and the way cycling clears my mind and invigorates my body. Ever since I can remember, I have loved cycling.

Front Garden

What We Could Learn From A Garden

in Discover Your Brillance

Gardens remind us that life is short and that the good things, the beautiful things, the things of importance, take time. Gardens teach us that patience and perseverance are required values if we expect to discover our unique brilliance.