Audi R8

Where The Mystery Of Contentment Dwells

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What is it that I desire?

If my deepest desire is for completeness – to be whole; how does this deepest desire align with anything else that I might want knowing that all desires will be connected to my thirst for wholeness?

If I want an Audi R8 Coupe – what would this car give me? And if I was fully and completely experiencing what this new car would give me, what else might I want that is even more important for me to experience now?

Finding your path

How Do We Find Our Path

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It’s Saturday morning of the May long weekend and the Starbucks in Brockville, Ontario is bursting with people, voices, laughter and energy. We’re visiting a good friend for a couple days and I just needed to get out early this morning to think and write.

If you’ve been following the blog here at Unitas Project you would have noticed that I have not posted anything for a couple weeks. Over the last 5 weeks, life has changed for me. For several different reasons I have gone back to landscaping full time – this has impacted my ability to write.

However, these choices and the outcomes they produce in my life leave me with many questions around life and how it works. Maybe that sounds like a pretty profound thought, or perhaps just a little simple.

salt of the earth

What If You Are Already Enough

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To be whole does not mean you don’t have bruises and scars, secrets and shadows. Rather, wholeness grows from the fertile soil of fully loving and accepting yourself for who you are today. It means that you are okay with who you are because you know that you are worthy – that you are enough.

Perhaps you have believed for many years that you are defective in some way or another. If you are a woman, maybe you see yourself as not being thin enough, pretty enough or being a good enough mother, wife or lover. If you are a man, perhaps you see yourself as being a failure in business or in your career or not being good enough as a husband or father.