Playfulness And Personal Transformation

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Sometimes life can seem like a little too much, can’t it? Maybe it’s a big unexpected bill that comes your way or a loved one who suddenly becomes very ill. Perhaps it’s getting the news that you’ll be laid-off from work or discovering that your child is using drugs or waking up and feeling the dread of another day.

I was grappling with this thought this morning after dropping my wife off at work because our other vehicle decided to quit the night before. While driving home and entertaining the thought of “life feeling like it’s too much” I witnessed a dad skipping with his daughter while waiting for the bus to come.


Stop And Take A Moment To Rest

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Who are we kidding? Life can be very busy. Between juggling responsibilities of work and family and finding time for your personal interests and desires, life can often leave you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and alone.

If you and I are going to be people that cultivate clarity of action in our lives so that we know what is important in our lives today, we must begin by tilling the fertile soil of purpose and being.


What If This Is All Nonsense

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It was a couple days past Christmas and my wife and I were caught up in one of those big, stupid arguments. I was not sure what to do. I felt guilty for causing her to feel hurt and hammering this wedge between us; and at the same time, I felt angry because it appeared like my voice wasn’t being heard.

So what did I do?

I left my wife in tears sitting at the table as I got up to go to the grocery store to pick up a few items for supper. (Probably not the best decision!)

While walking up and down the isles at our local grocery store with my list in hand, my mind was wondering. I was wondering about life, about our power and freedom to choose, about what really mattered – like my marriage and my family.

Rough Waters

Who Is Your Anger Truly Directed Toward

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“I wanted to gouge his eyes out with my own bare hands and fingers!”

This past Saturday evening my wife and I watched the movie Unbroken, based on the New York Times bestselling book by Laura Hillenbrand. Without getting into too many details about the story, I can say that I found myself celebrating young Louis Zamperini’s will to choose running over rebellion. This choice, ignited by his older brother’s belief in him, led him all the way to the Olympics hosted in Berlin in 1936.

Aidan in Detroit

How To Accomplish More By Doing Less

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Have you ever wondered if it is possible to do less, and yet accomplish more in your life?

I’m writing these words this morning as I sit here here watching my son, Aidan, prepare for his up-and-coming AAA hockey tryouts. And since we’re here at the arena together, I thought we could talk about the Four Pillars to a goalie’s success.

Central Park

I’d Do It If I Had To Walk

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It was my intention to write a different post for this morning. However, when I heard the song, Riding To New York by Michael Rosenberg, aka Passenger, I knew I had to change course.

Life can be like, can’t it? We think we know where we are heading and then something else comes along; something that is gently calling us to consider a different possibility.

The Art of Crafting

How Jason Saved His Family

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In the novel, A Million Miles In A Thousand Years, New York Times bestselling author, Donald Miller tells an inspiring story of how his friend Jason saved his family.

It goes something like this:

Jason’s marriage had lost its spark and recently, he and his wife had found pot in their thirteen-year-old daughter’s bedroom. (Not a good scene.) To add salt to the wound, their daughter, Rachel, was also dating an older guy. Jason did not care for this guy and thought he was the catalyst in her decision to smoke pot.