The Secret To Knowing What You Want

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Last Friday morning, I decided to take the Go Train into Toronto rather than drive my car. Now it’s not often that I ride the train into the city, but when I do, I typically take a good book with me. And this trip was no different. Actually, on this trip I brought my book, The $100 Dollar Startup by Chris Guillebeau, and I was looking forward to having 45 minutes to myself for reading.


Four Spiritual Questions To Nurture Breakthrough Results

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Speaking of what truly matters, the other day at work someone called in to tell me they wanted to make changes in their life. (These are always great conversations.) In a nutshell, this person, let’s call him Joe, wanted to change the outcomes in his life. Joe was concerned about his physical health due to a poor diet and very little exercise, and as a result, his body felt sluggish. Joe also expressed feeling somewhat discouraged about certain family relationships that were weighing heavy on his heart.

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Where Does Your Staircase Lead

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In the book of Genesis there is a story about a man named Jacob, who while sleeping under a field of stars, has a dream about a stairway that rested on the earth and ascended into the heavens. At the top of the staircase is God, who promises to bless and prosper Jacob and assures him that he and his offspring will be a blessing to all nations.

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Working With Hammer And Chisel

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“How do we cultivate such clarity that our lives take on a meaning and a direction that is overflowing with purpose, wonder, love and adventure?”

This was the key question we asked in our latest blog post, Death: A Catalyst For Crafting A Legacy, as together we explored the idea of seizing the day and being proactive about living the life you have. In truth, learning how to craft a legacy will ask you to dig deeper, as it will require you…

Crafting a Legacy

Death: A Catalyst For Crafting A Legacy

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Brendon Burchard, founder of The Experts Academy, tells his story of how a tragic car accident caused him to re-evaluate his life. Lying on the hood of his car with warm blood flowing down his head, he recalls three key questions coming to mind as he stared up at the moon: “Did I live life fully?” and “Did I love openly?” and “Did I make a difference in peoples lives?” In that moment, death, or the impermanence of life, became a teacher for Brendon: a catalyst that radically changed the course of his life.


Leverage Your Body To Create Empowering Memories

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The weather in Southern Ontario was absolutely gorgeous on this particular Wednesday in early May. The sun was illuminating the earth and sky with its brilliance, people were dressed as if it was already summer, and I was hanging out with my son, Jonathan, as I drove with him to an arena in the town of Ajax.

Little side note: I love being with my kids and taking them to the arena. However, this particular time was different than most: this time there was a heavy silence that permeated the atmosphere in the car.

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Archetypes, WWJD and Cultivating Clarity

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In their New York Times best selling book, Super Brain, Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Rudy Tanzi discuss four different archetypes to help their readers see themselves through a new paradigm. I have taken the liberty to play with the names and definitions of these archetypes. That being said, I invite you to fully step into the persona of these four different characters and address whatever issue you may be dealing with today from their unique perspective.

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When Your Life Feels Out Of Control

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If we don’t want to become victims and live in a constant state of bitterness, anger, despair and resentment, we need to harness the God-given gift of choice with which each one of us is blessed. Through the struggles and pressures of life, when it feels like the rug is being pulled from underneath you, it is easy, so easy to forget who you truly are. And then it becomes very easy to believe that you are your failures, your thoughts, your emotions, and your outcomes. Once this belief takes hold, clarity of being, purpose and action are quickly overrun by fear, worry, guilt and shame.

Power of Choice

Sustainable Living And Your Power to Choose

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The other day I was sitting in the waiting room of my chiropractor’s office reading a copy of Canadian Geographic. The editor was telling a story about people who were all being proactive about using renewable energy and sustainable living practices in their lives. Whether that was someone installing solar panels on their roof, planting a vegetable garden for their family to enjoy, or collecting water in rain barrels, all these people were making choices that were impacting the quality of their lives and, as a result, the lives of others.