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The Four Essential Elements for Personal Breakthrough

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In a nutshell, experiencing breakthroughs is about introducing something new into your life. Something that will encourage you to see life, feel life, your life, all of life, through a new window. Something that might expand your present point of view of self and shift your perspective on what you believe to be possible.


A Catalyst For Clarity

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Unitas Project is committed to creating a space that will empower 1000 dads, moms and young adults to turn their limiting beliefs and behaviors into a catalyst for clarity of being, purpose and action so that they can live as instruments of courageous transformation in their home, career and world.

Isobelle Gunn

Blown Away By The Results

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We were completely blown away by the results of spending this time under Carl’s leadership and how he tilled the soil for our growth into a direction that we didn’t even know was there.