Surfing Porn

What Does Surfing Porn Give You

in Crafting a Legacy, Leverage the problem

“What do you mean by, ‘what does surfing porn give me?’” Thomas spoke with a degree of agitation in his voice as he suddenly stopped running. “All I can say is it makes me feel ashamed about myself. I feel guilty, Joe. I feel like I’m cheating on Samantha and that I’m some kind of sexual pervert for wanting to view this stuff while I should be working.”

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how did I end up here

How Did I End Up Here

in Art of Listening, Discover Your Brillance

The quest for purpose, meaning and fulfillment are key elements that unite all human beings. When we feel lost, alone, broken; when we feel entangled in the web of our own life choices; when the talons of fear and angst are crushing the life force from us, we cry out: “How did I end up here?” And today, as we raise our voice in harmony, it may feel like heaven remains silent; it may appear like no one is listening.

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Leverage Your Problem For Breakthrough Results

in Cultivating Clarity, Leverage the problem

The whole point of the External Problem is to manifest our Internal Problem. And ultimately, these first two levels of problem are focused on uncovering the key question that we’re all silently asking ourselves: Who am I? Perhaps this is why C.S. Lewis wrote, “Pain insists upon being attended to. God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our consciences, but shouts in our pains. It is his megaphone to rouse a deaf world.” The external problem in your life today is acting like a megaphone or amplifier to rouse your attention - to help you get-in-tune with your internal problem - so that you can embrace your full humanity and experience breakthrough results.

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Leverage the problem

The 3 Levels Of Problem

in Cultivating Clarity, Leverage the problem

In our last post, we left Steve in a predicament. Despite wanting to make a significant transition in his career, he feels uncertain about starting over and leaving his comfortable lifestyle behind. So what should Steve do? Should he stay where he’s at and enjoy the perks of being a business manager with an international firm while earning a six-figure salary, or should he go with his gut and leave it all behind to pursue a new career in sport medicine? And this leads me to ask another question.

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What do you want

What Would You Do

in Art of Listening, Cultivating Clarity

Have you ever been somewhere, or with someone, and silently asked yourself, “What am I doing here?” It was another Monday morning meeting when Steve had this very thought resonate within his mind like a repeating chorus in a pop song. “What am I doing here?” Steve thought to himself over and over as Janice, the Vice President of Sales, was discussing quarterly revenues about a tech product he wasn’t that crazy about. Steve had been with the same Fortune 100 technology company since he graduated with his Masters in Business six years ago. And even though he was now a team manger with his own corner office, he didn’t feel like he belonged. He felt like something was missing.

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road less taken

Traveling The Road Less Taken

in Cultivating Clarity, Master your Mission

“Why does it have to be so hard?” Aidan asked just before crawling into bed. And then without much hesitation, he looked into my eyes and responded, “I guess if it was easy, more people would do it.” My son was referring to the fact that on this Friday night he was going to bed at his regular bedtime so that he could be well rested for his 8:15am goalie clinic the next morning. At the age of 12, Aidan already understands that his audacious goals and dreams come at a cost.

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Dealing with loss

Dealing With Your Loss In Sustainable Ways

in Art of Listening

How do you work through your feelings of experiencing a loss? I’m raising this question with you because very recently I experienced a loss - a deep loss. This past week I departed with something very dear to me, my double bass. I bought my bass from the late Peter Chandler in 1996 while working on my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at York University in Toronto. Every week for three years my bass and I would drive to school together for private lessons, rehearsals, and performances. Every day I would practice 3-4 hours with my bass; together we helped each other discover our voice.

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What Makes For A Rich Life

in Art of Listening

Sometimes words elude us. And then sometimes we read a poem, hear a song, or watch a movie that sheds light on how we’re feeling. This past week, I had one of those moments. It was the Family Day weekend here in Ontario. As a family we shared moments of laughter, playing games, making meals, enjoying food, watching hockey, and relaxing. It was a good weekend! And then, out of nowhere, I felt a quietness and sadness creep into my soul. I was speechless; I had no words for what I was feeling or thinking in this moment.

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Jazz Trio

Do Our Choices Determine Who We Are

in Cultivating Clarity

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to catch all the breaks? Or why that one couple seems to have such a great marriage while yours feels lukewarm at best? Have you ever questioned if God really exists, and, if so, why the world is so screwed up? Have you every wondered why some people land great jobs, or create amazing companies, and others live pay cheque to pay cheque hoping they can pay this month’s rent? Is the life we experience simply a grand total of all the choices we’ve made to this point? Do some people thrive because they set compelling goals for themselves and then followed them up with passion, determination and perseverance?

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Lively Play

Is Fun The New Benchmark For Success

in Art of Listening

“Did you have fun?” my son, Aidan, was asked by his head coach after his first Atom AAA hockey tournament came to an end in Detroit, Michigan. I have to admit, when I heard this question I was somewhat taken back. During Aidan’s very young years in house league hockey there was a strong emphasis on the kids having fun. But now he was in AAA hockey. Should “having fun” continue to be the benchmark of whether something was good and worthy of our time and energy? I wonder...

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